what sucks

You know what sucks?

My brother’s death sucks.

My father’s sickness sucks.

Aging sucks.

Bills suck.

Illogical law enforcement sucks.

$120 every other week for probation sucks.

Not knowing I would be called to court within weeks of buying a car sucks.

Spending a day in jail doesn’t suck.

Being forced to ride buses to class sucks.

Being inevitably ten minutes late for two classes sucks.

Paying to park every day sucks.

Getting parking tickets where you work, in the parking spots that your restaurant built sucks.

Hitting the $300 mark on the amount of money you’ve paid in tickets/towing, parking at work sucks.

Parking downtown sucks.

Being forced to pay $180 on the spot, before class, for unpaid parking tickets downtown sucks.

Living with 6 dogs, 2 cats and 6 people kind of sucks.

Having a mild social disorder sucks.

Having sensitive skin and regular, painful cysts sucks.

Driving a person who I used to be friends with until I grew up and she didn’t and her friends and brother around on her birthday only for her brother to puke in my new car sucks.

$312 car payments suck.

$350 rent sucks.

$100 utilities suck.

Being really bitter sucks.

Having a tolerance for pot sucks.

Ignorance sucks.

Consciousness sucks.

Being in two weddings this year sucks.

Being in a cousin’s wedding that you can’t make yourself care about sucks.

Meeting your cousin’s fiance the day he proposed sucks.

Being unable to change ignorant decisions that take place before your eyes sucks.

Marriage sucks.

The nonworking student population at UGA sucks.

Tuition sucks.

Student loans suck.

Interest sucks.

Rednecks suck.

Most of my family sucks.

Being aware but knowing you’re still so unaware sucks.

Being in debt sucks.

Not being able to see your parents sucks.

Knowing that your parents are hurting but not being able to see them sucks.

Not being very close to your parents sucks.

Knowing you’d be closer to your mom and be in less debt if you lived closer sucks.

Following your dreams suck.

Wandering who will be in your life in the next two years sucks.

Inevitable change usually sucks.











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