You’ve got it all figured out. 

The government. How they suck you dry and defeat you.

It’s charming how you’ve escaped that. And how wise you’ve become since. 

We are equally yoked. We both know that nothing matters at all. 

The difference is, though we both wish to be dead and have acknowledged that we wouldn’t do it to ourselves..

I realize that human nature is not worth fighting.

 You can escape the world for the most part.

You can escape petty expectations of people and the feeling of never being enough. 

You can’t escape loneliness and the desire to have another mind to relate to 

and let go of everything else with. 

I know you’ll be gone again soon. I don’t mind that. It actually makes me want you more. 

But for some reason, though you know that nothing matters, you are refraining. 


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