to whom it may concern

I hope you’re enjoying my nice leather backpack that I am so proud of and take everywhere. I hope you’re enjoying my goodies. I hope you spent all of my money on something that made your life better. I hope you use my stamps, envelopes & fav pens to write to your parents who are so so proud of you. I hope you us my ID (that i just got) or sell it to a kid who needs some booze. I hope my cherry chapstick soothes your wicked lips.I hope you use the rest of the days in my planner to decide which days you’re gonna be lazy & which you’re gonna steal from the honest. I hope you take the notebook I was planning my best friends wedding events in & use it to plan yours. I hope you’ll call me & remind me to do the things that I wrote about in my planner. Maybe fax me all of my important documents? I hope you sell the phones that I was gonna activate one of to replace the one that broke last week. I hope you enjoy my copies of Sense and Sensibility & The Cats Cradle, since I cannot. I hope you solve the rubix cube. I hope you write your friends pick me ups from the “pep talk” pad I had in my front pocket.I hope you know that I can remind myself that everything is temporary, any thing can be replaced. I’ll be fine. but you’re gonna be stuck forever in a life of misery, permanently searching for something you’ll never find because you’re too busy looking around.