the mans got me stuck in quicksand

What reason to I have to go to school this semester?

Like what the fuck am I doing?

I have no idea what I would do with a degree, much less a degree in religion.

The only motivation is that I may be able to get a higher degree in psychology, afterwards. But what the hell kind of core for a psychology degree is a religion degree? Everything is so fucked. I am obviously so annoyed by the thought of going back to class so how do I expect myself to get a degree after finishing the first one?

but here I am again. registered for two classes that I’m wasting thousands on.

and I will be at school on Tuesdays and Thursdays, to pay ten more bucks a day to park.

until i say fuck it one month in and ditch this sandbox.



If I die this year, it’s gonna suck to have spent all of my time here doing nothing that I love. Class, work, homework, death.



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