an update


laying in bed

listening to manchester orchestra

smoking a bowl

attempting to suppress the anxiety I feel

about Britt’s wedding Saturday and everything to do with it

along with the concerns I have with my recent actions;

the men that have been in this bed the past month

the amount of times I’ve been fucked up driving

to lay in theirs’.



I need another and another wasn’t really what I wanted

How we interact when you really want me

is something that proceeds to haunt me.

You hit the bowl then a long slow kiss

and instantly you’re at my hips.

You hold my hands above my head

and make your way between my legs.

I know it feels so good for you

cause your size, just squeezed through.

So you know it feels so good for me

when you hold my legs from beneath my knees.

All of me is shown attention

my bottom lip you bite with passion.

For days I’m stuck in a daze

for I got all that I crave.

I forget that when it’s over

I can’t fight that craving sober.